Fishing Report

Observations from an angler : written June 2022

Whilst staying in Old Barn House on a 10 day break with my family, I was lucky enough to fish Andy’s lake most days, sometimes for a few hours and sometimes dawn to dusk. Throughout the stay I managed to catch 35 carp up to just under 20lb. I was using my normal tactics, which consists of slip d rigs and standard hair rigs. I was using Active Baits Solutions 2TB which is quite a fruity bait, tipped off with plastic corn or foam to make the bait waft just off the lake bed. I positioned my rigs just a few feet off the bank and that is where I caught most of my fish. I found that the carp moved on the wind because the lake is so open so I decided where I wanted to set up based on the wind. The fish fight very hard and it is important to have strong tackle. I would recommend letting the fish run in open water to wear them out ready for netting. The lake is just over 5 acres in size and the depth varies from a couple of foot in the edge to, I think, 17 ft out in the deepest part in the middle of the lake. The steady marginal slopes let you fish at any depth you please if you use a flat sided lead. The reeds are also a very good feature to fish to but you have got to be ready to try and turn the fish away from them to avoid getting snagged up. All in all really enjoyable lake to fish would 100% recommend.

Observations from an angler : written October 2021

Recently I have been visiting Andy’s lake again after a period of several years for one reason or another. Originally, I fished this lake when it was first opened. I used to fish on the causeway between the two lakes and literally it was a fish a chuck as they say in fishing terms, quite astonishing.

If my recent experience fishing the lake near the top end by the causeway is anything to go by the fish have got rather large. I have been broken at least four times. I am almost frightened to fish near the reeds because the carp have become wise and head straight for the reeds. Even though I am fishing with quite heavy tackle these fish are very strong and one needs to fish in open water to enable you to land them safely. You need to play them very carefully in open water to tire them to enable you to execute netting carefully. These fish are in absolute pristine condition. I hate to see fish that have been abused.

There is a good head of roach and many other species, the roach are in good condition. However, if you are fishing light to catch the roach be prepared for the vicious take from the resident carp they will undoubtedly break you if you are fishing near the reeds. If you are in open water it all becomes much easier but of course fish like features, reeds and overhanging willows. As far as I can tell the water is clean and doesn’t contain any of these nasty things which we hear about these days. The lake is approachable from all sides and in the drier months can be driven all the way round.

Over the years I’ve met most of the family, they are a joy to be around, down-to-earth folks. Being an elderly gentleman 83 years young and recovering from an aneurysm makes life all the more valuable.

Observations from an angler : written November 2020

A great place to fish for carp!  I have fished here consistently from late summer through November 2020 and have caught in excess of 30 double figure carp up to 22lb as well as many slightly below double figures, sometimes taking 6 or 7 fish in the couple of hours before sunset for a combined bag weight of over 100lbs.

I have had success using a variety of methods; floating crust in the margins around the reeds in the warmer months is a guaranteed way to catch a number of fish if you stay mobile and are quiet. On cooler days and into the winter months I primarily caught on bottom baits with little success using pop ups.  Most of my fish came from the north eastern bay area and along the northern bank. It is deeper along this bank has a steep and consistent marginal shelf a rod length or two out that I feel is a patrol route for the carp. The predominant south / south westerly winds push against this bank and into the bay and I feel the carp really collect here. The car park end of the lake is much shallower with a gentle increase in depth and no real marginal shelf to speak of. I have caught comparatively very few carp from this end of the lake except in warmer weather from the surface.

Fishing with bottom baits and a small amount of accurately placed free offerings has been by far my most successful method. The best baits have been fish based boilies and luncheon meat fished as a large chunk on a hair rig. Rigs are generally inline bolt rigs with a combination stiff and braid hook link fished with a solid pva bag to distribute the free offerings accurately or, in the case of the luncheon meat, fished close in so I can bait accurately. I will leave the baits out for an hour or two and if there is no success I will move them around the various features in the lake such as the reed beds, marginal shelf, bay areas and their entrances and so on or I will move swim altogether if I see carp moving in other areas of the lake. I cannot stress this last aspect of moving if you notice fish elsewhere enough, as on many occasions I have sat for hours fishing to features that I may normally pick fish up from with no success while the fish jump in some other areas and a within minutes of moving I have caught a couple of fish, sometimes before I can even get the rod into the rest. Many times I have seen anglers blank by sitting resolutely in one area of the lake while the fish show elsewhere.

Another point to stress is the pre-sunset feeding time which has seemed to persist no matter the time of year. During the couple of hours before sunset it can be hard to keep two baits in the water as the takes can be so hard, fast and repetitive. Again – don’t be tempted to over bait as the carp are active and hungry at this time  and a little competition over the bait seems to create take after take.

The fish seem to be primarily commons with some lovely bright golden specimens and also a good number of fully scaled mirrors although these seem on the smaller end of the scale. Overall the fish seem to average around 10lbs, are very variable in look and are in great condition. They provide some ferocious runs and a really good fight.

In my opinion, this is not an ‘easy’ lake in the sense of shooting fish in a barrel like so many commercial fisheries these days. This is indicated by the good average size and condition of the carp. It represents enough of  a challenge that you can be proud and confident in your angling basics if you catch well here as it is easy to blank if you ignore the fundamentals.

A selection from Autumn 2020:

Observations from an angler : early June 2020

I have fished Andy’s pool for the last month or so and have found the carp to be very picky, too much bait and I think you attract the roach and Rudd, and not enough they aren’t very interested, I think finding that happy-medium, does switch the fish on!  In my last session I found this as I caught 3 fish in very quick succession with the last fish of the 3 being 11lb. I used a single boilie over a small bed of boilies, “matching the hatch” works well! Or fishing a bed of boilies with a bright pop up or wafter.  I haven’t targeted any other species but have heard of big silvers coming out, also the carp have still not yet spawned, so I think the fishing should pick up once that moment has been and gone! But a wonderful lake to fish, great for a beginner or a novice, every time you go it’s always a challenge!


Observations from an angler : end of April 2020

The last two sessions I’ve had I’ve been catching off the top on crust and I’ve done well by usual standards, I had 5 tonight in 3 hours, the biggest was bang on 15lb. At the same time it would appear those fishing bottom baits have been struggling. Generally the fish respond well to most standard baits; corn, chick peas, pellet, boilies, meat, bread etc. I’ve noticed more takes on snowman presentations than single bottom baits or pop ups over the last 12 months.

The fish fight well and the average stamp is approaching double figures I would say. If fishing near reed beds the fish run straight for them as soon as they are hooked. I’ve never fished with a pole but I would guess a strong set up would be required here? Most pegs have loads of room behind which I know is great if using a pole.

If you’re after other species there are some big bream by all accounts, I’ve found them to be elusive but I’ve seen some cracking carpets of bream looking bubbles at first light. Lovely big roach and some lovely big perch too. A really good head of roach and perch to be fair.

A selection from April 2020


11lbs common caught on DNA baits yellow flouro wafter

11lbs sept

8.3lb carp caught on tangerine dream boilies

8lb 3

23lb 2oz caught in the middle of September on red and yellow sweetcorn.  Lots of carp between 8 and 15lb being caught.


A 10lb Bream caught towards the end of the month.  15lb carp and 10lb carp are common to catch.  A good amount of silver fish.  All still very healthy, strong fish.

A camera in clear water caught some fantastic footage of the numbers and size of fish in the lake.  It was a few feet down in the middle part of the lake and was a treat to watch.



End of April and May 2019


February 2019

8lb 1oz and another 8lb carp caught on sticky baits Manilla. 2 x 10mm Manilla boilies on a hair rig with a small PVA mesh bag with some Manilla pallets as a free offering.
Other catches have been plenty of roach mostly weighing 1.5lb but one of 3lb!


29th September 2018

A lovely condition mid double common caught on semi stiff rig on the high leakage pineapple pop up and small mesh pva bag, caught by Danny Robbins.
Danny Robbins Sept 2018


27th September 2018

Beautiful 13.8 Common Carp caught last weekend using 14mm Marine Halibut pellet hook bait over 6 and 8 mm marine halibut pellets. Thank you Chris for the photo.


28th July 2018

Lee Stephens had a fantastic first trip to Andy’s Lake catching 5 carp in 6 runs. He was using custom rolled CC Moore Live System with added banoffee dumbell wafters in washed out white color. 1 baited up with a 1 kg of 14mm live system banoffee boilies with a small pva stick of crushed boilies and 3mm pellets.  He was casting to the far margin approx. 5ft off the reed bed, using a simple KD rig on a semi-fixed inline lead set up.


10th July 2018

A little tip from a regular fisher, Michael Plummer: before setting up take a walk around the lake to try and spot a few fish. You’ll find them in the margins and reeds.


Michael has been using 14mm Strawberry Cream Boilies and fishing the shallow end with excellent results catching carp.

16th June 2018

Another beautiful carp caught on strawberry dumbells by Matthew Butler.


13th June 2018

Weather – windy and cloudy with a bit of sun 19°C. Method: Swimfeeder filled with ground bait and maggots on hook. Fish: Roach caught to about 8oz
Method: Pole and float with maggots on hook. Fish: Small Roach, Rudd and the odd Perch
Method: Waggler float with sweetcorn as bait, fished up in the water. Fish: Road and Rudd to approx. 1lb
Method: Straight lead with Halibut Pellet as bait, loose feed catapulted round hook bait. Fish: 1 Carp over 10lb
Whilst walking around spotted hundreds of Fry in the margins around the lake. The Carp haven’t long finished spawning. They are very quiet now, but I would think they will come on to feed in the next fortnight.

18th May 2018

14lb Carp caught on spicy sausage!
Jake Atkinson
5-6lb caught on a pink wafter about 2 rod lengths out – May 2018
Matthew Butler
15lb caught on a fishy boilie on the corner of the reeds – June 18