Fishing Report

13th June 2018

Weather – windy and cloudy with a bit of sun 19°C
Method: Swimfeeder filled with ground bait and maggots on hook
Fish: Roach caught to about 8oz


Method: Pole and float with maggots on hook
Fish: Small Roach, Rudd and the odd Perch


Method: Waggler float with sweetcorn as bait, fished up in the water
Fish: Road and Rudd to approx. 1lb


Method: Straight lead with Halibut Pellet as bait, loose feed catapulted round hook bait
Fish: 1 Carp over 10lb


Whilst walking around spotted hundreds of Fry in the margins around the lake. The Carp haven’t long finished spawning. They are very quiet now, but I would think they will come on to feed in the next fortnight.


Jake Atkinson
5-6lb caught on a pink wafter about 2 rod lengths out – May 2018


Matthew Butler
15lb caught on a fishy boilie on the corner of the reeds – June 18