Fishing Report


11lbs common caught on DNA baits yellow flouro wafter

11lbs sept

8.3lb carp caught on tangerine dream boilies

8lb 3

23lb 2oz caught in the middle of September on red and yellow sweetcorn.  Lots of carp between 8 and 15lb being caught.


A 10lb Bream caught towards the end of the month.  15lb carp and 10lb carp are common to catch.  A good amount of silver fish.  All still very healthy, strong fish.

A camera in clear water caught some fantastic footage of the numbers and size of fish in the lake.  It was a few feet down in the middle part of the lake and was a treat to watch.


End of April and May 2019


February 2019

8lb 1oz and another 8lb carp caught on sticky baits Manilla. 2 x 10mm Manilla boilies on a hair rig with a small PVA mesh bag with some Manilla pallets as a free offering.
Other catches have been plenty of roach mostly weighing 1.5lb but one of 3lb!

29th September 2018

A lovely condition mid double common caught on semi stiff rig on the high leakage pineapple pop up and small mesh pva bag, caught by Danny Robbins.

Danny Robbins Sept 2018

27th September 2018

Beautiful 13.8 Common Carp caught last weekend using 14mm Marine Halibut pellet hook bait over 6 and 8 mm marine halibut pellets. Thank you Chris for the photo.


28th July 2018

Lee Stephens had a fantastic first trip to Andy’s Lake catching 5 carp in 6 runs. He was using custom rolled CC Moore Live System with added banoffee dumbell wafters in washed out white color. 1 baited up with a 1 kg of 14mm live system banoffee boilies with a small pva stick of crushed boilies and 3mm pellets.  He was casting to the far margin approx. 5ft off the reed bed, using a simple KD rig on a semi-fixed inline lead set up.


10th July 2018

A little tip from a regular fisher, Michael Plummer: before setting up take a walk around the lake to try and spot a few fish. You’ll find them in the margins and reeds.


Michael has been using 14mm Strawberry Cream Boilies and fishing the shallow end with excellent results catching carp.

16th June 2018

Another beautiful carp caught on strawberry dumbells by Matthew Butler.


13th June 2018

Weather – windy and cloudy with a bit of sun 19°C. Method: Swimfeeder filled with ground bait and maggots on hook. Fish: Roach caught to about 8oz
Method: Pole and float with maggots on hook. Fish: Small Roach, Rudd and the odd Perch
Method: Waggler float with sweetcorn as bait, fished up in the water. Fish: Road and Rudd to approx. 1lb
Method: Straight lead with Halibut Pellet as bait, loose feed catapulted round hook bait. Fish: 1 Carp over 10lb
Whilst walking around spotted hundreds of Fry in the margins around the lake. The Carp haven’t long finished spawning. They are very quiet now, but I would think they will come on to feed in the next fortnight.

18th May 2018

14lb Carp caught on spicy sausage!


Jake Atkinson
5-6lb caught on a pink wafter about 2 rod lengths out – May 2018


Matthew Butler
15lb caught on a fishy boilie on the corner of the reeds – June 18