... about Andy's Lake

Andy's fishing lake is part of a mixed farm in Herefordshire.  Equidistant between Ross-on-Wye, Hereford and Monmouth it is set in peaceful, rolling countryside yet is easily accessible from the motorway network and nearby A roads.

The 5 acre lake was excavated in 2004 where a v-shaped valley was dammed and filled with water to reach depths of about 20 foot at its deepest.  The large quantity of water also allows a neighbouring soft fruit farm an occasional supply of water with no affect on the lake.  There is another dam separating a conservation lake at the top (nearest the wood) beyond which anglers are not allowed to fish. 

In 2005 the main lake was stocked with common carp, bream, tench and roach and fed on pellets and kibbled wheat and allowed to settle before opening to the public in the Spring of 2008.  Whilst most of the carp were introduced at 8oz they are now fishing over 7lbs and the larger carp are being caught at    over 20lbs.  Since its opening anglers have been often been catching over 100lbs and some reporting taking over 400lbs in a day!  Many anglers have said they have needed to take a rest due to the quantity and quality of the fish.  Even the small fish fight way above their weight- some anglers have had their 18s elastic snapped and some had their tops section smashed also.   

Many use sweetcorn or pellet with good results and maggots to attract the smaller fish.  It has also proven very popular with families as it seems to bring out many catches for even the inexperienced.

The lake has been planted with reeds at various places and on the banks are growing specimen trees such as Willow although the shape of the lake allows some more sheltered spots.  There is a car park and a portable toilet near the entrance and a rough track around some of the lake.